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Both phenomena are caused by forces like tension and compression. Since there are two blocks of rocks involved in a fault, the block which is above the fault plane is the Hanging-wall while the block below the fault plane is called the Footwall Laske, There are three general types of faults: the Dip-slip, Strike-slip and the Oblique faults. A Dip-slip fault is a type of fault wherein the movement is vertical. Here, one block of rock moves up and the other moves down.

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Deterrence theory is a military strategy developed during the Cold War. It is especially relevant with regard to the use of nuclear weaponsand figures prominently in current United States foreign policy regarding the development of nuclear technology in North Korea and Iran. The term is also used more generally to refer to a strategy in any field of potential conflict of being prepared to inflict unacceptable damage on an aggressor, and making sure the potential aggressor is aware of the risk so that he refrains from aggression. Establishing a credible and known deterrence is at the opposite end of the spectrum from a policy of appeasement.

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There is one center offering IELTS tests paper-based or computer-delivered in Washingtonplease choose an appropriate test center that is closer to you or is most suitable for your test depending upon location or availability of test. The IELTS measures an individual's ability to communicate in English across four areas of language: listeningreadingwriting and speaking. These test centres supervise the local administration of the test and recruit, train and monitor IELTS examiners.

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